Swartland Winery Winemaker's Collection Granite Rock Blend Red

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Swartland Winery Winemaker's Collection Granite Rock Blend Red

The Swartland Collection Granite Rock Blend Red is a smooth red wine from Swartland Winery. Produced in the Western Cape of South Africa made from a blend of 70% Mourvèdre, 20% Carignan, and 10% Grenache, this wine from the Swartland Winemakers Collection is a delight to drink alone or with meat dishes. The Swartland Granite Rock Blend Red Wine received a commendation in the 2016 Sommelier Wine Awards, while several other Swartland wines received medals. South African red wine and other varietals have seen a rejuvenation of sorts over the past few years, combining Old World techniques with modern ones and the work of the Vine Improvement Programme and achieving international renown. As a result, they have moved away from producing fortified and dessert wines and into a broader range of winemaking possibilities.

Winery Information

Swartland Winery was established in 1948 near Cape Town, South Africa as a cooperative cellar. It now operates as a full-fledged wine company with its own production and bottling facilities. Wheat and grapes grow by the hectare throughout the region, with Swartland Winery producing from 3,600 hectares of vines from a 22km radius of surrounding farmland. The winery produces about 2 million 9 litre cases of wine a year, and its wines have been winning many awards in the past few years as their international acclaim rises. This region, with its hot, dry weather and bright blue skies, has proven to be an amazing place for growing bush wines. Since the 1990s, more red grape varieties have been planted than ever before, so South African red wine has become a more popular option on the market. Swartland red wine is exemplified in their Winemakers Collection, though they also produce a range of white, sparkling, and fortified wines.


Vinification in South African winemaking has come a long way. Swartland red wine is now made with several modern developments, such as the use of oak barrels (which were introduced to South Africa in the 1980s). Temperature-controlled fermentation and malolactic fermentation are widely accepted practises to fully develop and stabilise the wine. The tannic, earthy tendencies of the Mourvèdre are tempered in the Swartland Granite Red Wine by the blending of Carignan for purpley red colouring and Grenache for its berry flavours and softness on the palate. 



Grapes from the Swartland Winemakers Collection are sourced from site specific vineyards in the Swartland, generally from cultivated bush vines. The vines are grown with environmentally friendly cover crops like wheat to protect them from erosion and harsh winter rains. The granite rich and gravelly soils are perfect for Rhône varieties like the Grenache and Mourvèdre incorporated into the Swartland Collection Granite Rock Blend Red, while also promoting essential moisture retention. The average yield per hectare is 6 tons from the predominance of small bush vines. The hot, dry climate produces smaller grapes with more concentrated flavours, sugars, and acids, while the cool ocean breezes create microclimates and make it more difficult for disease to take hold.


Tasting Notes

The dark red Granite Blend Red offers flavours of ripe mulberry and fresh raspberry, as well as soft, seamless nuances of oak. The fruit flavours follow through well onto the palate. Soft tannins create a silky texture for a long, smooth finish. The blend of grape varieties used in the Swartland Granite Rock Blend Red Wine ensures a full development of flavours as well as a superior mouthfeel that the varieties alone could not accomplish.


Serving suggestion

The Swartland Granite Red Wine has an alcohol content of 13.5% and can be enjoyed alone or with vegan pasta or pasta vegan dishes. You may also enjoy it with earthy roasted vegetables, like mushrooms. Serve the Granite Blend Red around room temperature or slightly below to experience the full depth of flavour.



Grapes - Mourvèdre 70%, Carignan 20%, Grenache 10%


Country - South Africa.


Region - Western Cape


Alcohol: 13.5%


Body Value: C (A is light, E is full bodied)


Residual Sugar: 3.3


Contains Sulphites: Yes


Vegetarian/Vegan: Yes/Yes


Milk/Eggs: No/No


Organic/Biodynamic No/No