Vina Perez Cruz Syrah Limited Edition

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Vina Perez Cruz Syrah Limited Edition 

An international award winner with a rising profile, Perez Cruz Syrah Limited Edition is an affordable, delicious standout from Perez Cruz wines. Cultivated in the ideal grape growing climate in the "Maipo-Andes" sub region of the Andean foothills, Perez Cruz Syrah is the quintessential Maipo red wine. It is a uniquely flavoured, small-batch Chilean red wine you can enjoy with a wide variety of meals and on any occasion.


Chilean wines burst onto the international scene only a short quarter century ago. The demand for Chilean wine is rising as more people discover and fall in love with the unique flavours that Chile's ancient clay soil, cool mountain air and coastal breezes impart. Perez Cruz winery was established almost two decades ago on family ranch land. Today the cutting edge winery boasts 150 hectares of vineyards growing a majority cabernet sauvignon grapes and a small percentage of carménère, syrah, malbec, cot and petit verdot grape varieties, the latter of which comprise Perez Cruz's highly popular limited edition wines, including the Syrah.



This Chilean Syrah spends 16 months in French oak barrels. The winery uses a unique gravity-fed system without pumps to handle the fruit. Of the many reds produced by Perez Cruz Shiraz is not on the list. Shiraz and Syrah are different names for the same type of grapes and are essentially the same wine. The term Shiraz is popularly used in Australia and has evolved to denote a bold fruity flavor that is incredibly popular there. Syrah is the preferred name in France and offers a more restrained fruit profile; it is popular in the cooler northern regions there and around the globe. At Perez Cruz Shiraz is eschewed in favour of Syrah to describe their style of wine, so one can expect a subtler fruity influence amid the pepper and vanilla notes. 



Nestled in the rugged Andean foothills, Perez Cruz winery is family owned and operated. The sustainable and eco-concious winery prides itself on hand-selecting only the finest grapes for their uniquely Chilean red wine varieties. Rising to international fame in recent years, Perez Cruz is quickly becoming a household name among wine connoisseurs and casual buyers alike. The care and artisan approach is evident in every drop of Perez Cruz wines. 


Tasting notes

This distinctly Chilean Syrah is grown in the Maipo-Andes sub region and is a classic cool-weather Maipo red wine. Peppery and acidic with lush notes of strawberry, blueberry and black cherry, Perez Cruz Syrah Limited Edition is underscored by a dark, rich fruity flavour and a subtle smokiness. Intense, full bodied and well-structured, Perez Cruz Syrah offers depth, complexity and mystery in each sip.


Serving Suggestion

Syrah's bold profile makes an excellent accompaniment to mushroom risotto.  Earthy vegetables like eggplant and mushrooms. Grilled vegetables, heavy vegan stews, and herbaceous dishes are also fantastic compliments to the deep, smoky and seductive flavour.

IWSC Grand Gold Medal Best in Class 2011

Country / Region / Appellation
CL / Maipo / Maipo


German Lyon

Grapes - Syrah 92%, Grenache 5%, Mourvèdre 3%

Vegetarian/Vegan - Yes/Yes

Milk/Eggs - No/No

Contains Sulphites - Yes

ABV% - 13.5%

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