Vina Perez Cruz Liguai

Vina Perez Cruz Liguai

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Vina Perez Cruz Liguai

A red wine with notes of berries and herbs, the Perez Cruz Liguai has a lingering finish and smooth tannins. "Liguai" means "seer" in Mapudungun, an indigenous language of Chile. 

The 2011 wine won commendations at the 2015 Decanter World Wine Awards and the 2015 Sommelier Wine Awards, and the bronze award at the International Wine Challenge. 


Winery Information


The Pérez Cruz winery grows and bottles its wines on-site at the foothills of the Andes in Maipo Alto Valley, Chile. It specializes in red wine production with the goal of sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. The winery is built with native woods based on Incan architecture, designed by Jose Cruz Ovalle, an award-winning architect. Established in 1994, they released their first wine in 2002. The winery has 250 hectares devoted to their vines. They have won many awards and commendations over the years for their wines, making them one of the most awarded wineries in Chile. This is especially impressive considering their boutique nature and the competition in the area. Their barrel cellar has a 5,000 barrel capacity, and their gravity flow winery has a capacity of 3 million liters. The area's rainy winters and dry summers create the perfect climate for growing the best grapes for winemaking. 




Low-yield grapes grown with drip irrigation in poor soil and a Mediterranean-esque climate are picked and sorted by hand. Then they are macerated in stainless steel tanks for 4 days at a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit). Maceration continues for 10 days, then the wine is transferred to French oak barrels to mature for 16 months. A soft pump manages the extraction process to ensure smooth tannins during maceration. The Perez Cruz Liguai is a mix of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Carmenere grapes. 




Perez Cruz wines involve a strong commitment to hand-picking and sorting for the best flavors and textures. The underground barrel cellar allows natural control of temperature and humidity as the wines mature. The use of the gravity-flow processing method avoids harsh handling of the wine, minimizes oxidation, and decreases the winery's environmental impact. Instead of using pumps on a single level cellar, the wine flows from a top level down as it is processed, from the initial crushing of the grapes to bottling after the aging process is completed. This allows plenty of opportunity for gentle development of color, flavour, and tannins. This traditional method has existed since the 1800s. 


Tasting Notes

This is a bold, complex dry red wine with notes drawn from the French oak barrels it has been aged in. Berries, pepper, and cedar are just a small sampling of its flavours. Astringent tannins flow into a long, satisfying finish. 


Serving Suggestion


Perez Cruz Liguai, like other red Perez Cruz wines, pairs wonderfully with tomato-based dishes, roasted vegetables. Enjoy with a vegan pasta dish. Red wines are best served at room temperature or slightly cool.

Country / Region / Appellation
CL / Maipo / Maipo


German Lyon

Grapes - Syrah 44%, Cabernet Sauvignon 30%, Carménère 26%

Vegan/Vegetarian - Yes/Yes

Milk Eggs - No/No

Contains Sulphites - Yes

Organic/Biodynamic - No/No

ABV% - 14.5%

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