Vina Edmara Pinot Noir

Vina Edmara Pinot Noir

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Chilean winemakers are blessed with some of the most desirable conditions on earth: exceptional soils, ideal temperatures, intense sunlight combined to make Chile a paradise for growing healthy grapes. The Central Valley is a vast region, containing patches of land where the finest grapes are grown. Our winemakers have combed this valley to find grapes which could be transformed into fruit-driven wines at the best possible price. Vina Edmara's wines combine intense varietal characteristics, a cleanliness of delivery and an intensity of finish that are the hallmarks of any good Chilean wine. In that, they are superb representations of what this amazing country is capable of.

Vina Edmara Pinot Noir

All the stems of the grapes were removed with partial crushing of the berries. The must was cooled to reduce the temperature immediately after crushing to maintain flavors and aromas and reduce the level of SO2. Cool pre-fermentation maceration for two weeks to extract primary flavors and color. Fermented in stainless steel tanks with jackets between 20- 25C. Total maceration period 25 days. Natural malolactic fermentation at 16C. No fining and this is a unfiltered wine.


Tasting Note
This wine shows a seductive and complex combination of black cherry and raspberry aromas, rose petals and violets, mingled with a soft touch of vanilla and coconut. Full-bodied and rich, with a soft and velvety texture. Smooth tannins and an elegant aftertaste.

Everyday Serving Suggestion
All kind of vegan pasta and vegan pizza.

Country / Region / Appellation
CL / Central Valley / Central Valley

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