Viña Echeverria Pinot Noir Gran Reserva

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Viña Echeverria Pinot Noir Gran Reserva

Viña Echeverria is a family-owned estate winery, owned and managed by the Echeverria family. Established in 1930, but with an agricultural heritage going back to the 1700s, Viña Echeverria is as much today, as always, driven by a shared passion for winemaking and an uncompromising search for excellence. Viña Echeverria combines nearly a century of viticulture and winemaking experience with a modern state of the art winery, to produce a range of over 20 quality wines from nine different grape varieties. It has recently been awarded its Sustainable Winery status by Wines of Chile, as well as its ISO9000 certification.




The vineyards are located in the coastal Leyda Valley. Situated between the towering Andes mountains and the cool Pacific Ocean, this privileged viticultural area, with its cold nights and warm dry days, intense sunlight and long growing season is ideally suited to produce healthy plants and grapes. Working with a model of micro viticulture, each plot, of no more than half a hectare, is identified according to its terroir and microclimate andplanted accordingly. Vines are subjected to specific pruning, irrigation, canopy management and harvesting, which results in grapes of optimum quality and flavour. The soils are alluvial in origin, mostly clay loam and deep with good drainage. The grapes were hand harvested into 18kg boxes.




A cold pre-fermentation maceration took place at 5°C for four to five days, in order to extract colour and primary aromas. Fermentation took place at 26° to 29°C in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks, with selected yeasts for a period of 10 to 12 days. The post fermentation maceration lasted for five days, then 100% of the wine went through malolactic fermentation. 75% of the wine was aged in French oak barrels for six months,adding oak complexity to the final blend.


Tasting Note


Rich and elegant, this attractive Pinot Noir combines aromas of strawberries, black cherries, raspberries and dry plums with hints of chocolate and mocha. The palate is round and soft offering a rich texture and a lush finish.


Serving Suggestion


Works well with earthy flavours such as mushrooms and truffles, grilled/roasted vegetables or light salads.




Pinot Noir 100%



Chile. Region: Leyda Valley


Alcohol: 13.5%


Body Value: B (A is light, E is full bodied)


Residual Sugar: 3.1


Contains Sulphites: Yes


Vegetarian/Vegan: Yes/Yes


Milk/Eggs: No/No


Organic/Biodynamic No/No