Vina Echeverria Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva

Vina Echeverria Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva

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Vina Echeverria Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva

The Echeverrians emigrated from the small Basque town of Amezqueta in 1740 and built their winery in the town of Molina in the province of Curico in the early 1900s. They are still family-owned, family managed and with a family vision. Roberto has now taken over from his father, Roberto, as chief winemaker. Assisted by winemaker Matias Aguirre and viticulturist Cecilia Silva, Roberto's philosophy lies in grape selection and control of the grapes environment. All grapes either come from their own estates or are rigorously selected from a small coterie of trusted growers.

Fermented in 30.000 liter oak tanks for 7-10 days at 25-28C controlled temperature to dryness. Extended maceration for additional 3 days. 100% malolactic fermentation. Stored in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks through bottling.

Grapes are handpicked from a single vineyard. They run a meticulous, labour intensive vineyard management philosophy that takes into account how each vine is reacting to external factors such as soil, nutrients, vegetation growth, bunch compostition and climatic conditions.

Tasting Note
Pronounced blackberry character with juicy fruit on the palate and a firm finish.

Everyday Serving Suggestion

Echeverria Cabernet Sauvignon is best served at room temperature to accompany vegan paella or vegan pasta dishes. 

Country / Region / Appellation
CL / Curico Valley / Curico Valley

Roberto Echeverria / Matias Aguirre