Tierra Antica Chardonnay

Tierra Antica Chardonnay

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Tierra Antica Chardonnay

These attractively packaged wines are blended especially for us and show the kind of style and value that has put Chilean wines on the map over the past few years. Wonderful value for money.

Most of the grapes were hand-harvested the first week of March and only a small fraction was machine picked. Once received at the winery and just before pressing, the bunches are carefully selected and sent to the stainless steel tanks to undergo fermentation. Fermentation takes place at 12 - 16 Celsius for a period of 14 to 16 days with a strict control of temperature in order to protect the delicate varietal aromatic expression in the must. The wine was stabilized for 15 - 20 days at 4C and then earth-filtered prior to bottling.

The vines are vertically positioned, spaced at 1.5 x 2.2 m and drip irrigated. Our vineyard canopy management begins in the spring with the elimination of undesired shoots. The crops are green harvested to eliminate short shoots.

Tasting Note
This lively young wine has a vibrant flavour with luscious tropical notes and delicate undertones of wood giving complexity. Balanced acidity sustains the taste and gives freshness to the palate.

Everyday Serving Suggestion
As an aperitif, at any time of the day. 

Country / Region / Appellation
CL / Central Valley / Central Valley