San Marzano Sauvignon Malvasia Il Pumo

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San Marzano Sauvignon Malvasia Il Pumo

The Sauvignon Malvasia wine from SanMarzano is a delightful blend of a local varietal with an international varietal. This is a lovely white wine to drink on it's own and it also works wonderfully well when paired with pasta with light sauces and fresh cheeses.

In the heart of d.o.p. Primitivo di Manduria and Mediterranean terroir, Cantine San Marzano has settled in Apulia, Italy. The cantine was established in 1962 by 19 vine growers whose families had farmed the area for generations. It has evolved with the years while maintaining its loyalty to traditional Apulian winemaking. Now the co-operative consists of over 1000 wine growers of the Puglia region. San Marzano wines are elegant and offer a wide variation of appeal, from red to white to rosé, sparkling and not. Prior to 2013, they were known as Lucarelli, but they have since re branded and become a world-renowned name in winemaking with many awards. They have won wine awards in China and Japan as well as in Italy, both nationally and internationally.

Harvest Period
Second and third week of August.

Cryomaceration in the pressing machine for 6-8 hours followed by soft pressing of the grapes, cold static decantation and alcoholic fermentation at 11°C.

In stainless-steel tanks.

Tasting Notes
Straw yellow colour with green reflections; Scotch broom notes and a hint of citrus and tropical fruits on the nose. Lively in acidity, fresh and mineral.

Serving Suggestion
Il Pumo Sauvignon Malvasia is excellent with starters and vegan soup and vegan pasta with light sauces.

Serving Temperature
About 12°C.

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