Saint Clair Pioneers Block 3 Sauvignon Blanc

Saint Clair Pioneers Block 3 Sauvignon Blanc

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Saint Clair Pioneers Block 3 Sauvignon Blanc

This herbaceous wine is produced with a cunning shift of vineyard layout. At a 45 degrees angle the fruits are shaded from the southerly aspect. This results in two different tasting fruits from the same grape, which marry their tropical and greener flavours to produce a wine that has an aroma of pink grapefruit and snow pea. Ideal when dining on lighter meals such as fish and vegetarian dishes. It’s slight herb flavour is set off perfectly with the melon, citrus and passionfruit of this spectacularly produced Sauvignon Blanc. 

Winery Information

The Saint Clair Family Estate was first settled by the Sinclair family. One of the estates pioneers, James Sinclair, is closely associated with the founding of the town of Blenheim. Neal and Judy Ibbotson have owned the estate since 1978, transofrming it from a vineyard to a full wine making facility and joining the ranks of Marlborough winemakers to produce fine New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and other premium wines. The very first vintage from Saint Clair Wines won awards upon its release in 1994. Saint Clair's sustainable approach to winemaking involves open canopy with good light and airflow, minimal use of sprays to control pests, and care given to individual vines to encourage good production. For instance, the vineyard employs leaf plucking and thinning of fruits and shoots. They also encourage selection without cultivation as another of their sustainable practices. They have been using a grading system since 2001 as a management tool and for assessing the qualitiy of each vineyard's wine batches.





Directly after harvesting the fruit was transported to the winery and pressed off immediately to minimise skin contact and juice deterioration. After settling, the juice from each batch was fermented using a variety of selected yeast in 100 per cent stainless steel at cool temperatures to retain fruit flavour and freshness. After ferment the wine was stabilised and prepared for bottling. This batch was selected as a Pioneer Block wine due to its power and intensity of flavour.

The grapes are sourced from a single vineyard where the rows of vines are planted at an unusual angle of 43 degrees north-east to south-west.

Everyday Serving Suggestion
Saint Clair Pioneer Block 3 Sauvignon Blanc is an ideal match with vegetarian cuisine.

Country / Region / Appellation
NZ / Marlborough / Marlborough

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