Oveja Negra Winemaker's Selection Single Vineyard Carignan

Oveja Negra Winemaker's Selection Single Vineyard Carignan

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Oveja Negra Winemaker's Selection Single Vineyard Carignan

Via's definition of Black Sheep is someone special and out of the ordinary, someone who attracts attention, who captivates, and has character and personality. Step forward: Oveja Negra! Via's first harvest was as recent as 2002 from a new winery at Talca and this is very definitely a "Can Do" operation producing wines with attitude. Winemaker Edgard Carter seeks to combine sustainable viticultural practices with innovative winemaking, to produce fruit-driven wines of real character. "Sustainability, expression of terroir, and quality are key. The aim is to deliver wines with superior quality, at fair prices, made in harmony with nature". Individual wines for individual people.

The grapes were destemmed but not crushed. Prior to alcoholic fermentation they underwent a 4-day cold maceration at 8-10C (46-50F). Alcoholic fermentation lasted approximately 24 to 26 days, and the temperature fluctuated between 27 and 29C (81-84F), with 4-6 pumpovers per day. Following alcoholic and malolactic fermentation, 100% of the wine was aged in French oak barrels 12 months.

The grapes that go into this Carignan come from old dry-farmed bush (head-trained) vines. Due to the high temperatures and lack of available water, no foliage management techniques are used in order to protect the bunches from dehydration.

Tasting Note

This is a violet color wine with a sweet berry fruit character that recall cherry, strawberry and pomegranate mingled elegantly with a spicy background and a subtle thyme character. Soft, round, ripe tannins are wonderfully integrated with a bright acidity and sweet balance. This is deep and elegant Carignan that ends up long and supple. Cellaring potential: 3+ years.

Everyday Serving Suggestion

Gold Medal 7th Wines of Chile Awards

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CL / Maule / Maule


Edgard Carter

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