Kyperounda Winery Petritis

Kyperounda Winery Petritis

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Kyperounda Winery Petritis

The winery is located at Kyperounda, in the Pitsilia area of the Troodos range, 75 km from Nicosia and 50 km from Limassol. At an altitude of 1140 m, it prides itself as sitting on a higher altitude point than any other winery in Europe. Situated in this idyllic setting and designed to the specifications of experienced winemakers, the winery is built on three levels in order to take advantage of gravity to move the grape juice in the gentlest possible way. The winery’s underground cellar holds two hundred and fifty 225lt oak barrels, in which the wine matures and develops character. The production capacity of the winery is about 200,000 bottles. The winery’s first wines were bottled in 2003 and their appearance on the local wine market was welcomed wth enthusiasm.

Steeply sloping vineyards at high altitude. The low yields from 70 years old vines and the favorable mild temperatures, unique to the region, produce perfectly ripened grapes of the highest quality.

Sandy clay soils

Vinification in stainless steel with 20% matured in in one year old Barrique for two months.

Tasting Note:
Beautiful aromas of citrus fruits, litchi, kiwi. A medium bodied yet refreshing wine.

Every day serving suggestion:
Ideal as aperitif, best with vegan paella and vegan pasta dishes. 

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