Favola Prosecco

Favola Prosecco

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Favola Prosecco

This easy drinking Prosecco is made in an Extra Dry style. 

Ideal as an aperatif and for celebrations. This is a fresh and fragrant Prosecco with aromas of pear and apple and it is off dry and has a lively fizz which is not overbearing. 

Favola is made with the Glera grape which is the only permitted varietal in Prosecco. This produces a wine that is lively and fresh in style with an off dry finish. Prosecco is one of the biggest success stories in the Italian wine market and there is predictions of a worldwide shortage of Prosecco. 

The main Italian growers are now getting together to put a stop to the over production and mass selling of Prosecco in a bid to maintain it's quality status. 

Favola is one of the easiest drinking prosecco on the market. It's delightful spritz in the mouth and the long finish mean that it is one that can be enjoyed on it's own or with food. It's ideal as an aperatif and is often seen served as a pre wedding drink. 

It's not uncommon to see groups of happy ladies in pubs with a bottle in an ice bucket, happily chatting away and enjoying the fruits of Favola Prosecco. 

Gocce di Favola Prosecco Extra Dry is a wine from the Veneto region of northeast Italy. Made with tart grapes and aged in oak, this dry wine is a great option to try out for your next dinner for two or special occasion. When you first taste the Gocce di Favola Prosecco Extra Dry, you will initially notice the fruity taste. This is because the wine is made in the Prosecco style. The fruit flavours include fresh grapefruit, lemon and orange.

The acidity of the wine is moderately high, which is common for wines aged in oak and made from this type of grape. The finishing flavour is like that of lightly buttered toast or dry crackers. There is a slight hint of finishing sweetness and saltiness that is also slightly yeasty. The smell of the wine is that of ripening apples and pairs with hints of freshly picked citrus fruit and just-finished toasted sesame and wheat bread, which combine to create a great sensory experience for the senses.

The body of Favola Prosecco Extra Dry wine is light, which means that you can easily enjoy a second glass if you wish. The body presents as a graceful and refreshing sparkling wine that just lightly tickles the tongue and palate. The sparkles make the wine lively and an ideal choice for an afternoon or early evening drink. The wine has a crisp finish. With a light golden color, this wine looks lovely in the glass. The lightness, bubbly texture and fruity flavour make this wine a great choice for warm summer evenings or a surprisingly warm day in the autumn months of the year. 

Favola Prosecco pairs well with rich, fatty fish like salmon and tuna. The acidity of the wine releases the aromatic flavours from the fish, providing a delightful experience in the mouth. This wine also pairs well with shellfish, especially those that are sauteed in a butter or cream sauce. You may also wish to pair this wine with a hard or mature cheese. The rich flavour of such cheeses is nicely complemented by the lighter flavour of this wine. This wine also goes well with aperitif and appetizers for a party or a light snack in the early evening hours.