Encantador Viura Sauvignon Blanc

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Encantador Viura Sauvignon Blanc 

The Encantador white is a delightful blend of Viura and Sauvignon Blanc. The Viura grape is used mostly in the maming of white Rioja and to blend it masterfully with Sauvignon is a great idea. The wine is zippy and fresh with lovely floral aromas and delicious fruity characters in the flavours. It's a wine that's difficult to describe apart from sayings it's an energizing, thirst-quenching ensemble, all pink grapefruit and honeydew melon.

The Encantador wines are as charming as their Spanish origins. From the country that gave us Gaudi, Blahnik, Almodovar and Iniesta, we give you...Vino Fantastico! Now you see it, now you don't! The quirky presentationis a nod to the current trend for a twist of the unconventional, capturing the irony and sense of humour that is the essence of this latest labelling vogue. Yes, it's a bit edgy, it's a bit off the wall, it's a bit bonkers... And if you are not comfortable being edgy, off the wall or bonkers, well, these might not be the wines for you! 


The soil structure is formed of reddish brown sandy clay, poor in organic material and rich in lime and chalk. The vineyards are located in a continental climate with extreme temperature ranges, with low annual rainfall but the vines do benefit from maximum sunshine exposure.


The Sauvignon Blanc and Viura grapes for the Encantador white were vinified separately in stainless steel at cool temperatures to emphasise the wine's soft aromatics. The two wines were then carefully blended to create a deliciously balanced wine with a smooth finish.

Tasting Note

This charming blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Viura offers a vibrant fruity freshness, with delicate floral aromatics which are carried through on the palate with a pleasingly smooth finish.

Serving Suggestion

Serve chilled, this versatile wine is great with salads, vegan paella or vegan pasta dishes. 


Sauvignon Blanc 50%, Viura 50%


Spain. Region: none

Alcohol: 11.5%

Dry/Sweet value: 2 (1 is dry, 7 is very sweet)

Contains Sulphites: Yes

Vegetarian/Vegan: Yes/Yes

Milk/Eggs: No/No