Domaine de la Solitude Cotes du Rhone Rouge

Domaine de la Solitude Cotes du Rhone Rouge

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Domaine de la Solitude Cotes du Rhone Rouge

The property has a glorious past. Wines have been made at this place for several hundred years. Often the owners have had connection to the church. The three hats on the label refer to two bishops and a pope among the forefathers of the Lancon familiy. The first member of the family in France came from Italy in 1264 to serve the pope in Avignon. His name was Barberini - the name today of the special cuvees from the domain. Today the sons of Pierre Lancon, Jean and Michel Lancon, are in charge at the domain and Florent, Michel's son is responsible for the winemaking. The domain owns 38 ha. AOC Chateauneuf du Pape and 43 ha of Cotes du Rhone rouge situated mainly in the Gard.

Temperature controlled fermentation followed by 6 months ageing in oak casks.

Harvest by hand, at the appropriate time for each grape variety to be at full maturity, based on grape tastings by our expert panel. The grape bunches are then carefully sorted to remove any unwanted fruit.

Tasting Note
Good weight of plummy fruit, well structured with firm tannins and some complexity.

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Country / Region / Appellation
FR / Rhone / Cotes du Rhone AOC


Florent Lancon

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