Collavini Refosco Pucino

Collavini Refosco Pucino

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Collavini Refosco Pucino

The Collio region, a strip of hills against the Slovenian border, was only reunited with Italy after The First World War. This region is reputed to have one of Europe's most privileged micro-climates for white wines which dominate the region, while the red wines are also noted for their appeal. Collio wines are rather more intense than the wines from Friuli and have impressive richness and length. Founded by Eugenio Collavini in 1896, this family owned house is now run by Manlio Collavini together with his three sons. Located in Udine, they were among the first to vinify Ribolla Gialla (an ancient local variety) and to implement new winemaking technologies. Collavini prides itself on its clean, modern style wines while still retaining the traditions and grape varieties native to this area. Collavini's "Broy" is a multiple Tre Bicchieri winner and is recognised as one of Italy's top white wines.

Lengthy cold maceration and brief fermentation on the skins in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. Maturation and ageing in tank until the following early summer.

Cordon spur and Guyot

Tasting Note
Refosco, a native grape of Friuli, produces wines with strong blackberry and raspberry notes that combine with a slightly herbal background.

Everyday Serving Suggestion
Collavini Refosco Pucino is best served at 15C to accompany asian vegan dishes. 

Country / Region / Appellation
IT / Friuli Venezia Giula / Colli Orientali dei Fruili DOC

Walter Bergnach

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