Chateau Ksara Blanc De L'observatoire

Chateau Ksara Blanc De L'observatoire

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Chateau Ksara Blanc De l'Observatoire

Vintage: 2016

Grape variety: 30% Clairette, 30% Muscat, 30% Obeidy, 10% Sauvignon Blanc

From: Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

ABV: 13%

This is an unusual blend from Chateau Ksara - the components of which are rarely blended with one another anywhere else. The Clairette portion (a grape of the Languedoc and Southern Rhone) brings a full yet fresh acidity, and the Muscat and Sauvignon Blanc floral, fruity aromatics. The crux of the blend is the Obeidy however - a native of Lebanon, it lends a distinct fullness to the mouthfeel with subtle, delicate stone fruit notes. Together, they make a complex yet fruity white wine that would make a perfect accompaniment to the lightly spiced cuisines of Persia or North Africa.

In the winery, the grapes were fermented cool to retain the natural fruit flavours, before blending prior to bottling. No animal-based fining agents or winery aids were used during the vinification.

Chateau Ksara is Lebanon's oldest winery, founded in the early 19th century. An industry pioneer, it has adapted the best of French winemaking tradition to forge a distinctly Lebanese style. Continuing in this spirit, today it combines organic viticulture with low-sulphur and vegan-friendly winemaking technology.