Carpene Malvolti Finissima Grappa Bianca

Carpene Malvolti Finissima Grappa Bianca

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Carpene Malvolti Finissima Grappa Bianca from Italy

Carpene Malvolti was founded in 1868 and successive generations of the family's master distillers have passed on their skills and techniques in order to ensure the incomparable quality and style of Finissima Grappa Bianca. Carpene Malvolti is synonymous with distinguished and refined elegance, and is a supreme example of Italian style.

The white grapes are softly pressed in order to yield a variety of high quality liquids. The best selections, rich in primary aromatic constituents are then distilled in steam-heated copper pot stills.


Tasting Note
A very fine and persistent bouquet. The palate is dry, harmonious and delicate and the colour is bright, clear and colourless.

Everyday Serving Suggestion
Neat in tulip-shaped glasses at the end of a meal. Its delicate nuances are best enjoyed at room temperature

Country / Region / Appellation
IT / Veneto / Grappa


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