Broken Shackle Classic Red

Broken Shackle Classic Red

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Broken Shackle Classic Red from Berton Vineyards


Berton Vineyard is known for its big, bold red wines, and the Broken Shackle Red is no exception. It's got a little less kick than some of the wines in their range however (most come in at around 14.5% alcohol), and the fruit character is somewhat fresher as a result.

The classic blackberry and bramble flavours of Shiraz are present, but inflected by a hint of plum and redcurrant by the inclusion of the Merlot portion, with a subtle spicy, herbal note to the finish. A very complete package, try it with a vegan nut roast, or a Mediterranean inspired dish with lots of roasted veg. 

This vegan red wine was fermented in steel tanks to preserve fruit character. No animal-based fining agents or winery aids were used during the vinification. 

Berton Vineyards is a modern, forward-looking producer, embracing the technology and possibilities of vegan winemaking.

Vintage: 2016

Grape variety: 86% Shiraz, 10% Merlot, 4% Other

From: South East Australia

ABV: 14%