Boundary Line Shiraz

Boundary Line Shiraz

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Boundary Line Shiraz from Australia


The Boundary Line Shiraz is unashamedly an old-school Australian wine, in that it's a true and lighthearted expression of what Shiraz as a fruit can be - arguably Australia's signature grape. I say as a fruit, because often the fruitiness can become masked by heavy-handed use of oak, massive tannins, too-high alcohol and over-extraction. The Boundary Line Shiraz suffers from none of those problems however, and instead shows an explosive bouquet of soft blackberry and blackcurrant fruit, and a gentle peppery undertone that is something of a hallmark of this variety.

A wine this vibrant can match up to some of the more acidic vegan dishes out there, so you could give it a go with a tomato and chilli pasta sauce...but why complicate things when it's delightfully quaffable on its own?

The wine was fermented in steel tanks to preserve fruit character, without the use of oak. No animal-based fining agents or winery aids were used during the vinification. 

Vintage: 2015

Grape variety: 100% Shiraz

From: South Australia

ABV: 13.5%