Berton Vineyard Vermentino Metal Label

Berton Vineyard Vermentino Metal Label

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Berton Vineyard Vermentino Metal Label 


In a quest to manage the effects of climate change and identify white grape varieties that were more at home in the heat of Australia's wine regions, many Aussie winemakers turned to Italy and its plethora of native cultivars. Berton Vineyards Metal Label Vermentino is one of these grapes, traditionally found in arid, rocky Sardinia, it has transplanted well to the new world, resisting over-ripeness and creating wines of fresh acidity with zesty citrus flavours. This superb vegan white wine is one of the best value wines available but snap it up as stocks are running out FAST!

Here, supported by it's Italian peer Fiano (more akin to Chardonnay) and the Bordelais duo Sauvignon and Semillon, it makes a wine of outstanding vibrancy, with bright tropical fruit notes and a refreshing lemon-tinged streak of acidity. This is perhaps the perfect wine for those BBQ parties we all wish we had more of in the summer.

The grapes were picked from vineyards across the region, and fermented cool to retain the natural fruit flavours. No animal-based fining agents or winery aids were used during the vinification.



Berton Vineyards is a modern, forward-looking producer, embracing the technology and possibilities of vegan winemaking. 

Vintage: 2016

Grape variety: 91% Vermentino, 5% Fiano, 2% Sauvignon Blanc, 2% Semillon

From: South Eastern Australia

ABV: 12%