Andrea di Pec Pinot Grigio

Andrea di Pec Pinot Grigio

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Andrea di Pec Pinot Grigio 2017

Andre di Pec Pinot Grigio is a top quality vegan Pinot Grigio bursting with delicate fruit flavours of ripe pears with a delightful spicy characteristic. This is Pinot Grigio with flavour and shows how great this grape varietal really can be when made in the best way. The minerality is superb and the wine pairs superbly with rice and pasta dishes.

Andre di Pec was the nephew of Frederico d'Attems who was Chancellor of Gorizia in 1540. Andrea was a great teacher of viticulture. His Estate was located on some of the most prestigious agricultural land in Friuli. His impact on the region was such that even though the property, over the centuries, was splintered and changed hands, the name remained and is still used by the present owners, the Collavini family who have been involved with wine since 1896. The Friuli Venezia Giulia is Italy's eastern most region, bounded to the North by Austria, to the east by Slovenia, to the west by the Veneto and to the south by the Adriatic sea. This clasically styled Pinot Grigio is an excellent example of the wine from this area.

The wine was fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks at a low temperature to preserve the freshness of the wine. The wine was left to rest in tank and bottle prior to release.

Double arched cane.

Tasting Note
Andrea di Pec Pinot Grigio is dry, fruity and crisp white wine with good mineral tones and a hint of nuttiness and spice on the finish.

Everyday Serving Suggestion
Chilled with pasta, salads, rice, grilled vegetables or soups.

Country / Region / Appellation
IT / Friuli Venezia Giula / Venezia Giulia IGT

Vegetarian/Vegan - Yes/Yes

Milk/Eggs - No/No

Contains Sulphites - Yes

ABV% - 12%


Walter Bergnach