About Us

Simply Vegan Wines was created out of frustration and empathy for vegans. Everywhere you look you can buy wines of all qualities and prices but the vast majority have little or no information about whether they are vegan or not. 

Having been a vegan for 12 months and hearing this irritation from fellow vegans being repeated time and time again I decided to take action and launch an additional website to my main wine website www.wineman.co.uk

Simply Vegan Wines will only ever sell wines that are vegan and the prices will always be the best we can offer. 

As I discover new wines that are vegan I will add these to the selection and inform subscribers of any new additions.

I have spent my entire life in the alcohol trade having grown up in restaurants, pubs and hotels. I have run my website Wineman.co.uk since 2003 and have a sup[erb understanding of the UK online wine market and what it takes to make a customer happy AND to get them to return again and again.

What you WON'T get is any hype, marketing lies or annoying emails every day.

What you will get are the best prices and deals I can source and the finest possible service I can offer. If at any time you think I am not offering outstanding service in any way please let me know and I will do my absolute best to remedy any issue no matter how small.

Simply Vegan Wines is my own little website designed to help fellow vegans choose the best wines for them and if you would like some advice then it would be my absolute pleasure to assist in any way I can.