Can you serve red wines chilled?

Can you chill red wines and which red wines are best to chill

What has happened to the recent warm weather?

It was only last Bank Holiday weekend that everyone was having BBQ's, parties, walks and everyone was happy.

One of the questions that I got asked at 3 different events was "Can I chill red wines".

Now many of my customers may be screaming NOOOOOO right now but is this really such a bad thing.

I thought back to visiting Gerard Bertrand at his private estate of Cigalus in the Languedoc and how he served his private red wine lightly chilled in the heat. The same happened when visiting Umberto Cesari In Bologna when they served their sublime Sangiovese straight from the ice bucket.

I know in Australia they regularly serve Shiraz chilled and other grapes such as Gamay "Think Beaujolais", Dolcetto, Grenache, Zinfandel, Barbera and Pinot Noir are also really good wines to chill down when it's hot.

But what about Rosé wines, what's the difference between dark and light pink rosé wines. A general rule is the darker the rosé the slightly sweeter it will be. Don't confuse sweetness with fruitiness though. Light rosé or blush wines are often drier and if you closed your eyes they might taste like a white wine.

Whatever you do never chill the wine too much or you will lose the flavours. Unless it's a really cheap and nasty wine. In which case chill the hell out of it to make it appear palatable and acceptable! It will still ruin your head but it will taste ok at that time.

So give a chilled red a try the next time the weather changed to heat and let me know what you think.